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Having the low average rating and negative reviews, could have an incredibly awful effect on your app. Users do not want to install such apps, no matter how good it is. It would decrease your daily installs amount, same as the daily revenue. Paid Installs campaigns would also increase your app’s rankings and bring you the organic audience.

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Detailed App Reviews

Have you ever had the issues with reviews before? Like all of them were deleted in the same day? Or you did receive the 1 Star marks instead of 4/5 Stars ones? Or the reviews did include one-two words only? That would never happen with KeenMobi services. We do constantly check the reviewing agents, and are improving the system regularly.


App Optimizaton & Keyword
Installs services

As you might have heard before many times, without a good App Store Optimization, your app would never become popular. As users would not find it in the search and will not install if the graphics are done badly. Keyword installs is currently the Top1 tool in terms of efficiency of getting tons of cheap organic installs and increasing your income.

Android Installs + App Store Optimization = Best Deal!

KeenMobi App Promotion Packages

Guaranteed rankings and organic installs growth after
you get the BOTH ASO & App Installs packages together


Professional Services

Promoting mobile apps for many years, we've developed the flawless and cheapest strategies for you.


Cost Effective

Providing huge bonuses for the regular clients, our prices are lowest at the market.


Scalable and Adaptable

The more money you spend on marketing, the more money you get as revenue. High discounts for regular clients.


Easy to Use

Placing the order, you will get a full-time support via email and a personal manager to answer each your question.




All our installs are done from real people and are genuine. Boost your app rankings in the shortest period.



Ordering reviews has never been so easy. Just few clicks and your promotion is live!



Enjoy our full reports with each the device who installed your app or with the screenshots of the each reviews.



You can choose the package which suits your needs the most and proceed the order in just few clicks.

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Challenge of creating android app

Creating an Android app requires time and effort but even a genius app will not gain popularity without high visibility in the Google Play Store. If you want to increase visibility, you will face strict competition. There are a lot of app developers who want to promote android apps in order to get profit and reach success. This fact is not surprising but it encourages finding the best way of how to promote your app on Google Play.

The way out exists. We offer marketing services that provide clients with the ability to gain installs and ratings. Our Android promotion has a CPI-Basis which is actually the best marketing strategy for apps. The app is shared through different advertising networks where it gains relevant geographic locations. The result is 100% guaranteed and each pay per install is calculated.

Comprehensive app promotion service

Indeed, our company offers an intelligent android app promotion service and every our package includes a custom marketing plan, a free consultation and support. We do count all your wishes and requirements related to the order and do our best to put them into action.

Maybe, you are wondering ‘why should I promote my app with this company’?

Our advantages

  1. Detailed reports. We do support every campaign with detailed reports of all the installs or reviews provided. You can also take the stats from your Google Analytics or Google Developer Account.
  2. Support. You can apply to the support team 24/7 and get answers to your questions and necessary help.
  3. Fraud Prevention. No one wants to pay for fraudulent installs or downloads. We have a strong and safe security system, which makes promoting mobile apps absolutely ‘fraud-free’.
  4. Efficient model. The CPI (cost-per-install) model works efficiently all over the world. Using this model is a kind of guarantee that everything is going to run well.
  5. High Rankings. We use such technologies that give us the ability to bring your app to the top of Google Play for the targeted keywords. The combo installs and reviews campaign is a good combination for such an aim.
  6. Geotargeting. You can specify the country or a group of countries where you want your mobile app installs to be spread.
  7. Low Price. We are proud of affordability of our services, so that every customer can find the most suitable offer for him/herself.

So, if you still hesitate where to promote android app, feel free to contact us!

Promote iOS App

So what would you need to promote your ios app? At first, of course, you’d need to have an app which has something unique or at least is a bit different from the ones leading at your category. Therefore, you need to have a quality app store optimization. Then, define your target audience and start running the app advertising campaigns. The ios app promotion pay per install is one of the most efficient methods to promote ios app. The other useful methods to promote an app could be placing your app to the popular niche sites’ blogs and the work with influencers in general, it could be youtube channels or social media network posts, there’s a plenty of such simple and quality ways for your app to start getting tons of new organic traffic and installs.

How to Promote iOS App?

Using KeenMobii OS app promotion service, you can receive the whole specter of services needed to make your app famous worldwide! At first, it’d be the optimization with a new text and graphics for your app. Then we’ll drive the installs burst campaigns, reviews, ratings, and finally, the targeted keyword installs campaigns to bring your app into top1-10 for the most trending keyword searches. Thus, if you reach top1 position for at least one trending keyword, you’ll start getting thousands high quality organic installs daily.

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